How to shoot cinematic tech videos like Apple

In this video tutorial learn how to shoot cinematic product videos shots like you see in all the big budget commercials.

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3 Lessons 00:28:13 Hours
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In the past years, not only have smartphone video capabilities got a lot better, but the way these companies communicate and showcase their products to us has also improved hugely, creating this immediate feeling of “I want that” as soon as you watch one of their ads.

They figured out how to make that emotional connection between the product and you, the consumer. The fear of missing out is a powerful force that all smartphone brands leverage over and over again. But there’s one brand in particular that does it especially well: Apple.

Their marketing campaigns keep getting better and same goes for their storytelling. But there’s something impressively unique about their product shots. They always capture beautifully clean, crisp images and then take it to a whole new level by adding motion. 

In this video, we replicate from beginning to end three of the most popular product shots used in Apple commercials so you can do the same: the hero shot, the detail shot, and the context shot.

Did we miss something or have any filmmaking questions? Comment below!

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